Hardscaping Ideas Dallas: Canadian Cobble

Hardscaping Ideas Dallas: Canadian Cobble

Why didn’t we think of this before? Thank you Canada for being a great Olympic host, for hockey and for this new Paver system. I haven’t seen the cost on this product nor had I had the pleasure of using it yet- but I don’t think prices will start to dip much if at all once in use in the States.

Although it seems like a time saver the material is heavy and would require two people to carry it over and install it versus individual people working independently. The material also has to go through an additional step in production to apply the netting so there’s cost passed on in the price of the netting and adhering it to the pavers. Although I do believe in will cost less than installing traditional granite cobble stones I am not sure that it would be less than interlocking pavers, which is the more commonly used product here. This product does has many benefits such as making spacing the cobble stone easier than when using individual cobbles. Another benefit is uniformity in the installation and the fact that it is better for the environment by allowing water to more easily drain through, whereas traditional interlocking pavers (there are permeable pavers available) do not allow as much water to drain through..

A new paving stone has reached the Canadian market that makes laying a pathway, patio or driveway easier than ever, according to its manufacturer, Canadian Cobble Systems. The company’s latest introduction is a unique and patented paving system which consists of individually cast cobblestones that are connected by an integral nylon grid, creating a virtual ‘carpet of stone’.

Unlike other pavers on the market, multiple square feet of Cobble Systems paving stones can be installed simultaneously, instead of the ‘piece by piece’ placing of regular paving stones. A typical landscaper can install 400 plus square feet per hour, with a two man crew, increasing the bottom line by saving on labour costs and allowing for the completion of a higher job ratio in a given landscape season. The individual cobbles are purchased already laid out, and attached to a flexible mat that can be cut with scissors to shape and fit almost any paving requirement. Design flexibility is limitless, as Cobble Systems is available in several different patterns and colours.

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