Knock Out Roses for Dallas

Knock Out Roses for Dallas
I just love Roses. My grandma loved roses, my mom loved roses and now that they are no longer here with me I am left with the fond memories of our bonding over our sweet smelling darlings. One family of roses in particular has captivated me. The Knock Out Family of roses are superb performers. We can all thank William Radler, who is the creator of these beauties. Follow him and become a fan of the Knockout family of roses on Facebook.

Most information on the internet describes these rose as having a mature height of 3-4′ tall by 3-4′ wide. My roses are about 5 years old and each year they get bigger. They are about 6′ tall by 6-7′ wide.

The happier it is in it’s location the bigger it will get. Mine happen to live with afternoon cover under a pine tree . The extra acid gained from the decomposing of the pine needles makes them grow like crazy. Pine needles can be purchases or stolen from a neighbor to give it the same effect.

The Many Benefits of Planting Knock Out Roses

Drought tolerance: This is Texas so when you come across a plant that is this beautiful and can live through our tough dry weather–it’s a no brainer.

Low water use: Like all plants for the first 2 seasons or so it will require regular watering. After the Knockout Rose gets established you can cut it’s water down to regular levels.

Disease resistant: Other types of Roses can be tough to take care of–not this rose. They have superior disease resistance.

Self cleaning: For most Roses you you have to dead head them in order to produce more flowers. That is not the case with these roses. Not only do you not have to dead head them but you can trim them back more than a typical rose.

Black spot resistant: I hate black spot! Last year with all the rain my roses were a disaster–all except my knockouts. I can’t sing their praises enough.

Low maintenance:
With little need for dead heading, watering, or pruning how can anyone not love these shrubs.

Pest resistant: Aphids, thrips, and all sorts of yuckies can find their way onto your roses. I have close to 30 or so roses and although I have had my patience tested by many a creepy crawly I have never had pest trouble with my Knockouts.

Long bloom time: Knockout roses in Dallas bloom from early spring until December or later if we have a mild winter. It will also keep it’s foliage in our mild winters. This past winter 2010 robbed them of their leaves but that was the first time in 4 years that the leaves dropped.

Feeding: Although you do not need to fertilize these roses I feed my Knockout roses alphapha meal when I feed my other varieties. It comes in both granular and pellet form. I prefer the pellet form as it takes longer to decompose.

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