If you’re like most people, you’ve seen the unsightly puddles around the yard and never gave it too much thought. You say to yourself, “I’ll deal with later”, or “it doesn’t rain that much here”. Then the ground dries, the soil cracks and you start to notice the cracks in the wall from the foundation moving.

Drainage correction is an inexpensive way to make sure that a small fix today doesn’t stop a major headache in the future.

Most drainage issues present themselves in water logged flower beds, bogged low spots in the lawn, water damage to garages, and downspouts that erode soil away from the house.

Each problem has a different remedy. We can use one or a combination of applications to pull the water away from your homes foundation and save you from unnecessary repairs in the future.

The most expensive option to rectify your drainage issues would be to re-grade the ground to correct the slope. This is also the most intrusive remedy, often leaving many visual signs of the past problem.

Better drainage remedies include:

  • Channel drains for driveways
  • Catch basins for easy debris collection
  • Pop Up emitters drain water out to other areas in the yard
  • French drains to handle sub surface water and downspout drains for surface water.

Caps also come in a variety of colors and metal finishes that can be used in almost all applications.
Don’t let this be your home. Call Dallas Curb Appeal today and be on your way to ridding your home from muddy feet and paws, foundation issues and dead plants and grass, due to unsightly standing water.

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