Seasonal Planting

It’s Fall and it’s Pansy planting time. Pansies come in a large variety in sizes and color. You’re guaranteed to find one in a color and size that you’ll love. You can find them in ready mixed colors or you can create your own mixes. My favorite is the Delta Cool Water mix which is a combination of blue, purple, and white.


Viola Pansy

This is my favorite Pansy. Yes it has smaller flowers but it flowers profusely. It’s typically loaded with happy little flowers all season lone. Johnny Jump Up is a common viola with tiny yellow and purple flowers.


Colossus Pansy

You’ll love these huge 3-4″ flowers with brilliant colors in Yellow, White, Purple, Blue, Red, Orange assorted Blotch colors and more. They don’t flower as much but they are gorgeous flowers.



Crown Pansy

These are mid sized, solid colored pansies with flowers that are about 1.5-2″ big and look great in mixed colors.



Majestic Pansy / Majestic Giant Pansy

These are mid to large sized pansies with dual colored petals or Blotches of color in the centers.



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