Artificial Turf

perfect_turfUnfortunately droughts are a part of living in Texas. Water, it’s use and conservation is being discussed over the dinner table and over the political aisles. With watering costs on the climb, irrigation requirements and water restirictions being more difficult to comply with, now is the time to consider installing Artificial Turf. This product isn’t astro turf, it has come a long way in both appearance and feel. Being very versatile, you can use it for Dog Runs, Landscapes, Putting greens, pool surrounds, Commercial areas and much more.

Benefits: Artificial turf is an environmentally friendly product. It’s made from recycled material and uses water only for periodic cleaning. It cuts down water consumption, as well as water and air pollution by not needing the maintenance and fertilizing that comes with real grass.

Dog Runs: No Muddy Paws! You thought you loved your dog before, you’ll love Fido even more when he comes in with clean paws! It’s much easier to maintain than natural grass. No mowing, no weeding, no fertilizer, no dead spots – just green grass 24 / 7 / 365. It’s much more gentle on your dog’s feet than gravel or mulch. Your dog will enjoy going in the dog run more and want to use it more as a result. Clean up is easy because droppings become dry & hard making clean up a breeze, even the worst droppings dry out and are easy to pick up.

Animal Shelters: In an effort to support our shelters as well as our furry friends, we have special programs available to assist you on your turf project. Lower pricing, no interest financing, and 6-12 months to pay. In addition, shelters with urgent need and limited funding can apply to receive their installation at our cost. Please contact us at 214-257-8155 for more details. If you would like to volunteer your time at a shelter project please call us to make arrangements.

Warranty: Our Artificial Turf comes with an industry standard 8-year warranty (5-year on putting green turfs). The warranty covers fiber degradation, uneven fading and workmanship. In addition, most installers will warranty their installation for 1 or 2 years. Perfect Turf is expected to last at least 15 years under normal conditions.

Veterinarian: You can purchase turf for installation at your facility at a
special discount price AND at your option we have a special referral program that allows you to earn commissions simply by telling your customers about our artificial turf installation. Contact us for details.

Commercial Boarders: We have great referral programs for your institution. You will get discounts for introducing us to your clients as well as $50 for every project installed from your referrals. Call for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the common applications for Artificial Turf?

A: Artificial Turf is a great solution for: Golf putting greens (outdoor & indoor) and driving range tee lines Dog runs, three-season rooms, and other indoor uses. Low-maintenance lawns and pool surrounds for homeowners Patios, roof tops and balconies. Most cost-effective  landscaping option for commercial properties Playing Fields for football, soccer, even baseball and tennis Low-maintenance grass for road medians and shoulders Safer play areas under swing sets and at Day Care Centers Indoor and outdoor baseball batting cages and facilities
Mud-free outdoor events and weddings – even in the rain! Doggie Daycare facilities, kennels, and Veterinary offices Photo Shoots where you need a perfect lawn in the picture Trade Show Booths and Exhibits Indoor Paintball Fields Zoological Use for Injured Animals

Q: How do I clean my Artificial Turf?

A: Artificial Turf needs very little maintenance. In the fall, use a rake or blower to clean up leaves. To remove animal feces, you just scoop it up and in the rare occasion it leaves a mess, just wash the area with a garden hose.

Q: Will the Artificial Turf fade?

A: Perfect Turf comes with an 8-year warranty against uneven fading. There are coatings to protect against fading and other sprays to revitalize turf after many years of use. We can apply a UV Turf Guard to protect against fading and keep your turf looking new.

Q: Is Artificial Turf safe?

A: Research done by the University of Pennsylvania produced excellent research that dispelled the myth about synthetic turf harboring bacteria. Animals will not eat it, bugs won’t live in it, and it helps save the environment. An anti- microbial product can be sprayed yearly as a precautionary measure against bacteria forming.

Q: Do you warranty your Artificial Turf?

A: Yes, it comes with an industry standard 8-year manufactures warranty (5-year on putting green turfs). The warranty covers fiber degradation, uneven fading and workmanship. In addition, we warranty our installation for 3 years. Our Artificial Turf is expected to last at least 15 years under normal conditions.

Q: How does Artificial Turf handle rain and ice?

A: No problem, our Artificial Turf is made to withstand ALL the elements. The turf typically drains at 30-40 gallons per minute per square yard.

Q: What do you need to know to give me a specific quote for my landscaping project or a dog run area?

For Landscaping we need to know:
A: 1. Approximately, how big of an area are you looking to cover with Perfect Turf?
2. What is currently on the ground there?
3. What kind of access to the area is there? (ie: “next to drive way” vs. “100 yards away, down hill, with a fence in the middle”)

A: Dog Run specific questions:
1. How many dogs, what are their sexes and what are their size?
2. Will this be a “dogs only” dog run or will both people and dogs be walking on it?

With these answers in hand, email us or call us and we can make some recommendations, save you loads of time.

Q: What forms of payment do you take?

A: We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover all online or over the phone.
You can pay securely online or call and we’ll process your payment over the phone.

Artificial Turf and Your Landscape

Q: Can I put Artificial Turf in my whole yard?

A: Yes, synthetic turf is considered a “green” product that can help reduce air pollution and save fresh water while it helps you save money and eliminate the time spent on lawn maintenance!

Q: Does it feel like real grass?
A: If you are looking for synthetic turf that feels like real grass, ask about our new Perfect Lawn products. The turf is soft, attractive and feels as dense as turf costing much more. No synthetic turf will feel exactly like real grass, but it’s pretty close!

Q: What are some unique applications for artifical turf.

A: Some unique applications that we have supported are:
1. Indoor baseball facility
2. Basement baseball facility
3. Filling in gaps between boulders in a retaining wall

Q: Can Artificial Turf be laid down over concrete?

A: Any turf can be applied over concrete that is in good condition.

Q: Can I use it on a balcony, deck or rooftop?

A: Absolutely! Contact us to discuss your project and your needs. We have different systems for balconies, decks and rooftops depending on a number of factors that we would be happy to discuss with you at your convenience.

Dog Run Questions

Q: Is Artificial Turf durable enough to handle many dogs on it daily?

A: You will love having Artificial Turf for your dogs. It cleans up easily. Handles big dogs with no problem. Synthetic turf is used everywhere from Canada to Arizona. It is anchored around the perimeter and in the interior by nails, much like carpet.

Q: What if my pet likes to dig?

A: Artificial Turf is extremely durable and most dogs will give up after an unsuccessful dig. Another solution is to place patio bricks on top of the turf in the problem areas.

Q: How much maintenance does an Artifiical Turf dog run require?

A: You will need to occasionally hose down the turf, especially in periods with no rain, and use standard pet safe odor removers as needed.

Q: How long does it take to install and how long will it last?

A: Typical dog runs can be installed in one day and carry an eight-year manufacturer’s warranty. We expect the product to last 10-15 years.

Q: How realistic is your putting green?

A: Extremely realistic. Our putting greens can be made to match a specific speed or putt faster or slower. These putting greens can be designed to hold a shot from 50 yards or 150 yards – whatever your needs, we can design and build a great putting green to match it.

Q: How fast is the ball roll (Stimpmeter rating)?

A: For nylon putting greens, it can be installed during the day and be putting on it that night. It will roll at about a 10 on the Stimpmeter and will stay at that speed for it’s useful life. For polypropylene putting greens, speeds can be made from 8 to 12 on the stimpmeter.

Sod InstallEst. Average Synthetic TurfEst. Average Difference in Price
Original Installation Costs(Sod vs synthetic turf at installation) $1,400 $8,000 $6,600
Annual Water(10 mo @ $25/mo) $250 $0 $4,750
Annual Mowing Service(42 svc at of $25 per svc) $1,050 $0 $3,700
Fertilizer, WeedPrevention & Aeration $500 $0 $3,200
Total Year 1 $3,200 $8,000 $4,800
Total Year 2 $1,800 $0 $3,000
Total Year 3 $1,810 $0 $1,190
Total Year 4 $1,820 $0 -$630
Total Year 5 $1,830 $0 -$2460
Total Year 6 $1840 $0 -$8,450
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