How much should I water my Lawn? -General Info

How much should I water my Lawn? General Info.

By Gino Bargellini

Licensed Irrigator, Backflow inspector and certified auditor

The simple answer is as much as it needs to be watered. Here’s why. Every-one’s landscape is unique to them. You home is the only one on those specific coordinates, with your unique conditions, such as the angle in which the sun hits your lawn, or the fact that you even though you get west sun you have a house or a fence that blocks the sun. The best person to answer the question of “how much should I water my lawn“– is you. Of course I wont leave y friends high and dry –I do have some general rules and tips for you but the reality is that it’s going to take a little effort-and a  little trial and error on your part to figure out exactly what’s best for your lawn.  Click on the links below for specific tips to help you figure out how much to water your lawn. The main information you need is how much to water and how often to water. Smart Controllers help significantly but if your system isn’t properly designed or installed you will still need to make adjustments to the scheduling. Purchase a moisture meter-it is the best tool to help you figure out your water needs for both your lawn and landscape. Naturally the best way to water is manually and only when you see that your plants need it. For most of us we just don’t have the time to dedicate to the surveillance of our lawns.

General Guide Lines for watering your Lawn in the Summer.

Please note: If you have a lot of shade you do not have to water as often. Shade does not allow the water to evaporate as fast and luckily for you this means you don’t have to water as often or as much.

85-90 degrees  Water every 7-10 days

90-95 degrees Water every 5-7 days

95-100 degrees Water every 4-5 days

100+ degrees  Water every 3-4 days

If you would like specific information on how to figure out how much to water your specific lawn click here. Keep in mind that these are just generalizations. Here are some exceptions to consider: If you have 6 hours of sun and your house faces west you will need to water more. If you your house faces north and you only have 2 hours of sun you will be watering less. If you have new plantings this summer you will really need to be vigilant. They will be thirstier that your other plants. In 100 degree weather annuals will more than likely need to be watered daily. Make sure you check your sprinklers periodically. One misaligned or broken head can lead to quick death in hot dry weather.

Gino Bargellini is the Vice President of Dallas Curb Appeal, a full service landscape contractor in Dallas and DFW Christmas Lights, installing holiday lighting throughout the metroplex.

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