How much should I water My Lawn? – Specific Info.

How much should I water My Lawn? Specific Info.

By Gino Bargellini

Licensed Irrigator, Backflow inspector, certified water auditor

These 4- steps are designed to help you figure out whats best for your particular lawn. Everyone has different conditions. By using these simple steps you will be able to determine how efficient your system is, how often to water and how much to water to use.

1st step: Take stock of your landscape and the irrigation system

The main thing you need figure out in this step is whether you have drip or sprinkler zones that have different sun/shade conditions. If you do, it makes things a bit more difficult because you will more than likely under or over water one section on a shared zone with mixed sun/shade. You either have to find a balance where one section is not going to be too dry or too wet, amend you system to separate the zones or simply hand water the sunnier side when it needs it.

2nd Step: Perform or schedule a Sprinkler Check

Doing this will ensure that you have the proper water coverage and functioning heads and nozzles.  For directions on how to do a simple sprinkler check, click here.

3rd step: Perform or Schedule a Water Audit

You can do this with the old tuna fish cans, or if you don’t fancy the idea of eating tuna for a few weeks you can always buy catch cans/rain gauges  from us or make an appointment to have a certified water auditor perform an audit for you, call us at 214-257-8155 for more details.  To do a true water audit takes some math and a lot of catch cans, for directions on how to do a simple water audit click here.

4th Step: Start Experimenting

Once you have finished the steps and gathered all your information you can start the scheduling. Once you have adjusted or amended your sprinklers and performed the audit you should have learn what you need to set your sprinklers. For example, you have learned that after 5 minutes your water begins to run off and that it takes 20 minutes to fill the catch can to 1″-which is all most lawns need. You will then set your controller to water your lawn for 5 minutes 2x in the morning and 2x at night or any variation of that- that will allow you to avoid run off and over watering.

Keep notes of your progress. Remember to account for rain in the scheduling process. If you buy a rain gauge and locate it near but not on your lawn you will be able to adjust your sprinklers to account for the “free water”. If you need help with this process please feel free to leave a comment below and we will do our best to help you out.

Gino Bargellini is the Vice President of Dallas Curb Appeal, a full service landscape contractor in Dallas and DFW Christmas lights, installing holiday lighting across the metroplex.  LI 16405, BF 11273

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