Landscaping Ideas: Tips on Buying Compost

Landscape Ideas: Tips on Buying Compost

Landscape Ideas Dallas: Tips on buying compost by Dallas Landscape ContractorMaria Bargellini

1- Pick a good supplier

In the world of google and web complaints there’s bound to be good or bad stuff on-line about your compost supplier. Do your research.

2-Know what’s in your compost

Ask your supplier where they get their materials for their compost and what the organic content is in their compost blends. The highest grade compost is called Class A or Class I.

3-Be careful with manures

Some compost is made with animal or human waste. There is no regulations for manure and there’s no way to be 100% sure what’s in it.

There are many factors in using manures in your compost.

4-Do not use compost for edibles

Unless you’re 100% sure of what’s in it, do not use compost in food producing gardens.

5-Ask a professional

Most landscapers professionals in Dallas will be happy to supply you with a resource for compost..

6-Ask your neighbor with the great yard

Everyone has that house in the neighborhood that’s lush and gorgeous. Ring the bell, compliment them on their garden and ask them what they are using. Gardeners love to share.

7- Consider making it

The best organic compost is the one you make yourself from materials in your own organic gardens.

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