Applications & Advantages of Synthetic Turf

Applications & Advantages

Common, and not so common, applications for Perfect Turf™ synthetic turf:

  • Maintenance-free grass for road medians, shoulders and parkway areas
  • Safer play areas for playgrounds, under swing sets and at Day Care Centers
  • School districts & colleges for fields, fire lanes and golf practice facilities
  • Most cost-effective landscaping option for commercial & municipal properties
  • Playing Fields for football, soccer, baseball and tennis
  • Golf putting greens (outdoor & indoor) and driving range tee lines
  • Pool surrounds and other difficult areas to maintain a healthy lawn
  • Dog runs, dog parks, doggy day care, kennels, and Veterinarian offices
  • Three-season rooms, basements and other indoor uses
  • Patios, roof tops and balconies
  • Maintenance-free lawns and pool surrounds for homeowners
  • Airport runways; no bugs and no grass means no geese & birds
  • Indoor and outdoor baseball batting cages, pitching areas and training facilities
  • Basements and locker rooms; synthetic turf can be used as water-proof “carpeting”
  • Bocce ball courts and converted tennis courts
  • Photo Shoots, use anywhere you need to have a perfect lawn in your picture
  • Trade Show Booths; show your outdoor and sporting good products at their best
  • Doormats, durable and attractive all-weather doormats of any size
  • Indoor arenas and Paintball fields; easy to clean and durable

The advantages of all top-quality synthetic turf are well-recognized and include:

  • Synthetic turf is viewed as an environmentally-friendly “green” product
  • Low maintenance and maintenance-free options
  • No watering, saves time and money, conserves our fresh water supply
  • No weeding, saves time and always looks good
  • No fertilizer, no chemicals – just healthy “grass” that doesn’t harm the environment
  • No dead spots – eliminate problem areas, synthetic turf is not affected by chlorine and most other common pool and yard chemicals
  • Nothing but green grass all the time – 24/7/365 for 10-20 years
  • Greatly reduces bugs and eliminates geese, ducks, birds from your lawn
  • Filled with rubber, synthetic turf can be a safer solution for playgrounds and fields
  • Lower total cost of ownership over the 10-20 year life of the turf, ROI up to 300

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