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Synthetic Turf Payback Period Analysis

Synthetic Turf Payback Period Analysis For every 1,000 sf of grass vs turf.   Item Natural Grass Synthetic Turf Your Current Est. Average Est. Average Actual Original Installation Costs $1,000-4,0001 $7,000 Annual Water $200 $0 Annual Mowing Service2 $400 $0 Annual Fertilizer, Aeration, etc. $150 $0 Total Year 1 $2,750-5,750 $7,000 Annual Costs Year 2 […]

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Backflow Inspections

Backflow Inspections If you have any questions please contact us at 214-257-8155 or at Sales@DallasCurbAppeal.Com What is a BackFlow Device? (Wikipedia Definition & Diagram) This is a device that should have been installed with your irrigation system that, when functioning properly, prevents non-potable or “waste” water from mixing with your potable or “clean” water supply […]

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