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Lawn Sprinklers Dallas

We now have a site dedicated exclusively for our Irrigation services. Lawn Sprinklers Dallas.Com was created to offer our clients and the public at large, information on sprinkler related topics such as: installation, repair, backflow testing, water audits, system upgrades, drainage solutions, and most importantly water conservation. There you will find blog posts on a variety of helpful […]

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Free Sprinkler Checks in Dallas

GET A FREE IRRIGATION SYSTEM CHECK-UP! NO STRINGS ATTACHED! by SaveDallasWater.Com As a service to our customers, Dallas Water Utilities is conducting FREE automatic irrigation system check-ups. The American Water Works Association (AWWA) has determined that homes with in-ground automatic irrigation systems use 35% more water than those without irrigation systems. And those households using […]

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Sprinkler Dallas: Smart Controllers

Sprinkler Dallas: Smart Controllers By Maria Bargellini Dallas Landscape and Irrigation Contractor The Smart controllers are a fantastic invention. These controllers are also referred to as ET (Evapotranspirational) controllers. This big fancy 2 part word has been created to describe the incorporation of Evaporation (change from liquid to vapor)  and Transpiration-(plant’s water loss). The Smart Controller is […]

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How to do your own sprinkler check

How to do your own sprinkler check By Gino Bargellini Licensed Irrigator, Backflow Inspector, Certified auditor The key to successfully irrigating your lawn or landscape is to make sprinkler checks routine. If you do not have the time you can hire a professional to come or you can simple turn on your sprinklers periodically to […]

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How to do your own water audit

How to do your own water audit By Gino Bargellini Licensed Irrigator, BackFlow Inspector, and Certified Water Auditor The landscape water audit is an effective tool for maximizing water use efficiency for both homes and commercial landscapes and lawns. Some municipalities require water audits before a certificates of occupancy can be issued on commercial properties. You […]

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Sprinklers Dallas: Drip Vs. Spray

Sprinklers Dallas: Drip VS. Spray By Maria Bargellini Dallas Landscape and Irrigation Contractor So you want to get a sprinkler system but you can’t decide what to have installed, drip or spray. In some cases you actually might not have a say in the matter. New state regulations call for drip zones to be used […]

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