Drainage Solutions: Gutters

Drainage Solutions:  Gutters

Gutters or the lack there of can wreak havoc on your home. The purpose of gutters is to collect the water landing on your roof and redirect it away from your property. Houses without gutters are more likely to have not only drainage problems but also issues with the foundation,  mud and grass or plant death. In Texas we can go quite awhile without rain but when it rains it pours. Houses with gutters usually have down spouts that pour water in the direction they were installed. For some your problem may be alleviated by the addition of gutters or redirection/ relocating of existing gutters, but often time it is not enough. Down spouts can have thousands of gallons of water flowing through them in a rain storm. If your property is not properly sloped you will have pools of water throughout. With our clay soils absorption will not take place fast enough to get rid of excess water.

To the left is an example of several drainage solutions for your home. By using different products we can eliminate the standing water and mud that plagues your back or front yards. If you have gutters we can incorporate the down spouts into a French Drain System. This will allow for the water to be collected on the roof and directed away from your property without bogging down your flower beds, walkways, and garages.

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