Outdoor Lighting Dallas: Choosing Outdoor Lighting fixtures


Outdoor Lighting Dallas:  Choosing Outdoor Lighting fixtures

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There are many types and brands of outdoor lighting fixtures to choose from. Here is some information to help you in choosing which types of fixtures you want to invest in for your Dallas Landscape Lighting.

Length of time you will be in the home

  • If your are only going to be in your home for another 1-5 years- is a lifetime warranty worth it? The ROI (return on investment) just isn’t there.
  • If you are or are planning to retire in your home than I would definitely choose fixtures that carry a lifetime warranty. These fixtures are made to withstand the test of time and will be a better investment.

Available budget

  • Landscape lighting fixtures are not all created equal. If you want fixtures with a lifetime warranty but it’s just outside your budget you can go with a less expensive landscape lighting fixture with a 3-15 year warranty and when your budget allows- you can have the fixtures replaced with ones that have a lifetime warranty.
  • You can also buy less fixtures but increase the wattage of your transformer to accommodate additional fixtures in the future. If you want landscape lighting for both your front and back yards you can also increase the wattage of your transformer to accommodate all the fixtures on the property. Keep in mind that the lights can only be run off of 1 timer, meaning that all the lights will turn off and on at the same time.


  • Specialty finishes like Verde, which are hand painted can add to the price both for the additional labor required to produce them and the freight to get them as they are usually not in stock.
  • Solid and spun brass landscape lighting fixtures are the most popular finishes used today. They can range in warranty from 10 years to lifetime.
  • Copper landscape lighting -either you love it or hate it. It’s a bright shiny color initially and over time it will give you a nice patina finish. This is purely a personal aesthetic choice.

Maintenance and Adjusting

  • Ah maintenance. Landscape lighting has to be maintained in order to properly function and look it’s best. As your landscape grows your needs change. Larger shrubs, and growing trees can change your lighting needs over time. Path lights may need extension to make them larger, bulbs may need to be changed to widen angles, etc.
  • Path and area landscape light can be easy to change the bulbs. They can also be hard or require tools to change. If you are maintaining your own lights ask to be shown how to maintenance them and how difficult it will be to change the bulbs.


  • Low voltage landscape lighting bulbs or lamps come in many different wattages and beam spreads. When dealing with fixtures that are in hard to reach areas, do yourself a favor– splurge on good bulbs. MR16’s are rated in colors, beam angles and hours. The average life hours can range widely starting at 1,000 hours up to 18,000. Prices also vary widely, as much as $10 difference. Trusted brands like GE are a safe investment.
  • Tree lights have to be considered first and foremost. If they are installed up in the canopy you or your Dallas landscape lighting contractor will have to climb up on that tree to change the bulbs. This service is considerably more than changing bulbs on the ground. Depending on the type of fixtures you have installed these bulbs can be upwards of $40 just to buy and over $100 to have changed. Generally, the higher the fixture the more it’s going to cost–if there’s special equipment needed hold on to your socks when you get the bill.
  • Consider LED landscape lighting for hard to reach spots and in cases when you will be using more than 10 fixtures to save on electricity.

If you would like a complimentary night time demo or have additional questions please feel free to call Dallas Curb Appeal, your landscape lighting experts at 214-257-8155 for more information.

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