Landscape Ideas: Bat Guano

Bat Guano

Landscape Ideas Dallas: Bat Guano by Dallas Landscape ContractorMaria Bargellini

Bat Guano is a fantastic type of manure to use whether you put it into your compost pile or directly into your garden. Bat Guano is the excrement (feces and urine) of bats that has been collected from their caves.

Guano is useful because it has a high concentration of nitrates and phosphorus. Also, a bats diet consists of small insects and fruit which make their guano ideal to use as it is less likely to contain foreign pollutants, or harder to break down materials. Bat Guano is a very fine particle manure. Its texture is closer to sand making it water soluble which makes it a versatile manure to use.

Bat Guano has several uses. It has even been used to make gun powder and explosives. The Incas collected guano from the coast of Peru to enrich the soil, much like we do today. Bat Guano was such a commodity in the late 1800’s that it is said to have been one of the reasons for The War of the Pacific’s, between Peru-Bolivia and Chile.

Although I think Bat guano is the best manure to use I do not personally use any type of manure in my compost pile or garden unless 1- I know the animal it’s coming from and 2- If I what the animal is being fed and lastly 3- If that animal is not fed antibiotics or any other type of foreign or synthetic material.

Bat Guano is great to use but unfortunately the constant harvesting of the guano may be linked to a decline in the Bat population, read more here

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