Landscape Ideas for Dallas: Garden Decor

Landscape Ideas for Dallas: Garden Decor

A garden can be a place of peacefulness, or a place of entertainment. It really is all to you and the type of garden décor that you choose. The point of garden décor is to bring your garden together.

Garden décor is similar to home décor but with different elements. For your garden you would use things like fences, trees, grass, walkway, bird feeder, and flowers. Furniture is not uncommon in garden décor but it must be made of material that will hold up on all kinds of weather. Of course you can store your furniture during your winter months is you live in a state that has winters.

The first thing to think of before you begin shopping for your garden décor is what sort of theme would you like. Do you want a more country rustic feel to it? Are you looking more for a Zen garden type décor? Do you have young children and want to create an ideal outdoor play area for them or are you looking for a Japanese garden? Once you decide on your theme, then it is time to go shopping. Keep in mind you don’t need to color coordinate your yard. You can mix and match with your ideas. Have fun with it. Think of the feeling you want your garden to give off. If you are going with the country feel and theme, you can put wooden flower pots out there, and other country pieces. A Zen garden might have a small waterfall in it and be arranged very specifically. If you are having trouble coming up with a theme, think of what you will be using your garden for. If you have children and allow them to play out in the yard and Japanese style might not be right for your yard.

Some people treat their garden décor as serious as they do their home décor and you should get in the habit of doing this also. Your pieces could be at more risk for damage due to the environment they are placed in. They are exposed to severe temperature, wind, rain and even snow. Make sure you take care of your pieces.

Also remember that keeping up with your garden décor also includes maintaining your garden. You want to keep your lawn cut and trimmed and watered routinely especially during the summer months. You also will want to keep your bushes trimmed to so they do not bring your garden décor down by being overgrown. Keep your flower beds free of leaves. If you are one who likes to have a pond in their garden with real fish, make sure you keep up with them. Feed them and clean the pond accordingly. If you have a fruit or vegetable garden, make sure you keep up with it and water it. Pick the fruit and vegetables before they go bad. If you are a pet owner, especially a dog, make sure you pick up after it.

There are endless possibilities for how you can decorate your garden. Your garden is a blank canvas and the garden décor is the paint. Have fun painting your masterpiece.

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