Landscape Ideas for Dallas: Sun Patiens

Landscape Ideas for Dallas: Sun Patiens
When are impatiens not impatiens–when they are SunPatiens of course. In the northen United States impatiens are grown in the sun. Now we too can grow these beautiful bountiful plants. SunPatiens were bred in Japan by Sakata Seed. Sakata is well known for pansies and is the originator of the well known ‘Majestic Giant’ Pansy, which we are all grateful for.  Daylily and Lavender make great companion plants.

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SunPatiens compact series

Sun Pateins spreading series

Sun Patiens Vigorous series

If you would like to have SunPatiens installed in your garden by a  Landscape Company in Dallas please contact us at sales@DallasCurbAppeal.Com or call us at 214-257-8155

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