Landscape Ideas: Sell your home in Dallas faster

Landscape Ideas: Sell your home in Dallas faster

It’s that time of year again—The grand sell off begins in the springs and continues until school just about starts here in Dallas. Open house and for sale signs go up all across the metroplex. Here are a few tips to help you get them in the door and bidding on your house.

Landscaping: This doesn’t have to be an expensive undertaking. Weeding and mulching can make a huge difference. Remove any dead and dying plants. Shape up shrubs-think clean and neat.Stay away from different shaped and sized meat balls littering your beds

Annuals: For smaller yards I like to use annuals in the same color for a more striking display. Avoid small little pockets of color in favor of  larger more linear sections of color. Place the annuals at the ends of the beds and at the entry way. If you can afford it a little color in the middle will look great. Try Begonias, Potato Vines, or impatiens.

Pots: Pots are a fantastic investment because you can take them with you after you sell your house. Use bold colors plants that have scent like

Scented flowers: Roses, Alyssum, Lavender, Rosemary,  Thyme and Lilies all smell fantastic. You can use them both indoors and outdoor to make your open house guests really feel welcomed. They will be filled with thoughts of  welcoming their own guests into their new home (your old home) with sweet smelling flowers.

Clean: Obviously your home should be clean inside, but it should be equally as clean on the outside. Dirty windows and doors gives the impression that your house isn’t well kept inside. I detest cleaning windows and you’ll be pleased to know that most window cleaning companies will charge about $8 a window-well worth the money if you ask me. Don’t forget the fans too–I hate a dusty fan.

Inside Lighting: Make sure that you remove as many curtains and blinds as you can to let as much natural lighting in. Of course bedrooms need them but they are fairly easy to re-install after your open house or viewing. For evening viewings don’t be afraid to use scented candles and lamps to make it feel comfy and cozy. If you use scented candles or warmers make sure that the scent isn’t overwhelming and that you only use one scent. I like to use vanilla for several reasons.

  • Most people don’t dislike it
  • It’s subtle enough to not feel like you are masking a foul smell
  • It’s easier to match your candles with warmers and sprays

Outdoor Lighting: Why stop selling your house at dawn. Install landscape lighting to showcase your house at night as well. You can even add a light on the sign so that passers by can see the contact  information. Low voltage lighting is notconsidered a permanent installation in most localities, because the transformer is a plug in piece of equipment and the wires are not buried very deep. Check with your town or agent to make sure that this is true in your case. If it is, it’s a great investment because you can take them with you when you sell the house.

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