Outdoor Lighting Dallas

Outdoor Lighting in Dallas

Lighting your front yard can make a huge difference in how your home is viewed. If you are lucky enough to live in a section of your street that does not have any street lighting you can take your house from invisible to “here I am”. Adding lighting has many benefits-here are a few below.

  • Activates your visual world–If you can’t see it–is it even there?
  • Safety and Security–Home invasions plague even the best of neighborhoods. Illuminating your home can help deter would be burglars because they will often chose a darker house that has less risk of being seen.
  • Curb Appeal–Lighting can make your house look wider, or taller, it can add dimension and showcase texture and architecture.
  • Visually connect spaces
  • Changes the feel of your home

What not to do when lighting your home.

  • Don’t light in front of windows-this will produce glare and make the viewing area uncomfortable inside
  • Light your neighbors property–It’s always better to make nice with the neighbors. Keep your lighting away from their field of view.
  • Traffic obstructions–definitely do not point fixtures where they can impede vehicular movement
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