How to Sell Your Home Faster

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By Margot McClelland


Selling a home isn’t a walk in the park, but it isn’t rocket science either. When you are selling your home, there are a number of things it behooves you to consider.  For example, selling your home and contending with other Austin homes for sale requires you to study the Austin real estate market.  In addition to studying the competition, you also need to make your home appealing to potential buyers.  Doing this doesn’t have to cost you a lot.  You just need to be creative and resourceful.  Here are a few tips that you might find helpful as you are preparing your home for viewings and open houses.


Keep it in Good Condition: The house needs to look well taken care of and clean throughout your selling process. Your home should be ready anytime a prospective buyer wants to check it out. So, clean up after yourself constantly. Keep the house dust-free and keep the floors disinfected at all times. Make some small repairs you can manage to make based on your home improvement skills. Keeping it well maintained doesn’t have to cost a fortune.  You can paint over areas of the wall that have stains and marks.


Let Them Pull up to a Beautiful Home: As soon as they pull up to your house, prospective buyers need to be able to imagine themselves living there.  So, give your home more curb appeal, and make it more attractive on the outside.  Hang a wreath on your door, buy a brand new mat for your doorway, and sweep the porch. You want to create an inviting feeling for your prospective homebuyer, and you can do so by adding a few adornments and cleaning up a little.


Make it Feel like Theirs, Not Yours: There are a lot of ways to remove your personal touches from the house. One way is to remove the personalized paint on walls and paint over it with more neutral colors, if necessary. Neutralizing things is important because it allows you to please a broader market with varying tastes. Another way of making your home appeal to a diverse audience is to remove all personal keepsakes, family pictures, and religious items. Having Fresh Flowers available to greet them also goes a long way. For me, entering a room with Star Gazer lilies is intoxicating.


Scrub, Scrub, Scrub: Both the kitchen and bathrooms are critical places when it comes to showcasing your house to prospective buyers.  People cook meals and spend quality time with their families in the kitchen. It’s also a place where homeowners often welcome guest to their homes. It’s crucial to have the kitchen in near perfect condition. This may be the area of your home you need to spend a little extra money to renovate. To make it really attractive, you can put in some new counters and appliances. If your budget is tight, just do some cleaning and make sure the kitchen looks spotless.

**Pay special attention to your bathrooms too.  Scrub showers, baths, sinks, etc. Use bleach if necessary. Make sure everything looks totally pristine and new.


Margot is a fabulous guest post writer on the subjects of homes and real estate. You can see more of her work here.

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