What is a French Drain

Dallas Landscaping Serviceowner Maria Bargellini, President of Dallas Curb Appeal, describes the French Drain.

What is a French Drain?

French Drain Schematic

The French drain is not from France. In fact it was popularized by Henry French (1813-1885), a lawyer and assistant US Treasury Secretary of Concord, Massachusetts, in his book Farm Drainage.

A French Drain is a trench dug in the ground either around the perimeter of your house or between your house and your neighbors property. The drawing shows the cross section of a French drain.

Gravel is used to envelope the perforated pipe to slow down and filter the water and debris that enters into the pipe. The pipe is to be installed with a sufficient slope to move the water to the desired location, usually an alley or to a pop up in the lawn area.

French Drains are the most popular and affective form of drainage solution used today. The most common installation area is between two neighboring properties. In most cities it is against local ordinances to drain onto someone else property. Always take that into consideration when adding additions, pools, or any other type elevation change. Not doing so is a good way to turn Neighbor into your enemy.

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