Your Budget For Landscaping

Dallas Landscape Contractor Maria Bargellini, Pesident of Dallas Curb Appeal, offers advice for figuring out your landscape budget in Dallas.

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How much can you spend? When considering your budget, time is just as important as money. If you do not have the time to tend to your garden, or money to pay a professional, then it’s not worth the investment.There’s no such thing as a maintenance (link to maintenance page) free garden, no matter how many native plants you use.

What to include in planning your budget?

  1. Cost of maintenance: Figure out what maintenance will cost you-either in personal time of professional time. If you are using a landscape company already ask them for a quote on what maintaining a garden will cost in terms of weeding, mulching, composting, and seasonal flowers and cleanup.
  2. Cost of Water Use: The more plants you have the more water you will use. If you are using plants with higher water requirements add more to your budget. There are plenty of waterwise and drought tolerant plants to consider—keep in mind that almost all plants have to be watered regularly the first 1-3 seasons until established.
  3. Cost of Sprinklers: If you are creating new beds, new irrigation regulations dictate how you can water your landscape. The ordinances vary by municipality so refer to your local office for rules governing your location. Hire a licensed irrigator to give you an estimate on what it will cost to install sprinklers in your new landscape.
  4. Cost of Soil: Landscaping is more than just pretty flowers. Good fertile soil is crucial to long term plant survival. You can have your soil tested if possible to see what nutrients are lacking or you can add 2-6” of ready mixed soil. Soil Building Systems has great soil and amendment products available.
  5. Budgeting for plants: Finally!! Try your best not to go to the nursery just yet. Do your research first. The biggest mistake we make is buying the wrong mix of plants. Group your plant purchases in sun and water requirements. Avoid buying too many different kinds of plants if you are a beginner. Research the plants that are right for your area. Make note of where the information is coming from. Dallas landscaping is very different from the rest of the country. Once you know what you want hunt for the best prices. Try and buy your materials from local nurseries that grow their stock in Texas for the best adjusted plants.

It is good to plan your landscape budget says Dallas Landscape Contractor Maria Bargellini, President ofDallas Curb Appeal. Dallas Curb Appeal offers a variety of landscape services to clients in Dallas and Collin county Texas. Dallas Curb Appeal is a Landscape Company that has been in business for over 10 years providing a variety of landscape and and design services. If you want the very best, trustworthy, reliable, and professional call Maria Bargellini at 214-257-8155 and learn how you can make sure to have the most beautiful yard on your block.

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