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Landscape Ideas: Pruning Your Oak Trees

By Maria Bargellini of Dallas Curb Appeal Question: When do we Prune our Oak Trees in Texas Answer: Winter is best. Avoid any pruning from February 1 through June 15th. The best time to prune your oaks, especially Live Oaks and Red Oaks, is in late winter when they are dormant of less susceptible to […]

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Dallas Landscape Contractor: Shade Plants for Dallas

Shade Plants for Dallas: Oakleaf Hydrangea By Maria Bargellini, of Dallas Curb Appeal Believe it or not the Oakleaf Hydrangea is actually native to the United States, most Hydrangeas are native to china. We here in Dallas use the Oakleaf hydrangea in our shady gardens to add interest to our gardens all year long. It’s gorgeous […]

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Landscape Ideas: Growing Snow Peas

Landscape Ideas: Growing Snow Peas This post includes videos and information about growing and using snow peas. Please scroll below for recipes, nutritions facts, and other snow pea information. Enjoy and thanks for visiting. Video by Growing your greens How Peas Grow By Cook with class Buying and storing tips Snow peas can be found […]

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Landscape ideas: How to Create Your Perfect Backyard

Landscape ideas: How to Create Your Perfect Backyard There are many variables that factor into your decision when buying a home. Location, price, and square footage are all important considerations and you may find that your otherwise perfect home has an unkempt yard that needs landscaping. Fortunately, creating your perfect backyard yourself is easier than […]

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Landscape Ideas Dallas: Crape Myrtle

Landscape Ideas Dallas: Crepe Myrtles By Maria Bargellini, President at Dallas Curb Appeal Dallas Landscape Contractor Nothing says summer in the south like the blooming of our Crape Myrtles. You can’t beat the colors or the bountiful blooms on these lovely tree forming shrubs. Being in the landscape industry I see a lot of instances […]

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Landscaping Ideas: Small Yards

Landscaping Ideas: Small Yards By Maria Bargellini Dallas Landscape Contractor If your planning to transform your small yard into something more beautiful, and what to do it yourself- read this article first. Before you spread your wings and fly let’s start crawling first shall we. Landscaping is so much more than just pretty flowers. You […]

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Coming Up With Landscaping Ideas for Dallas

Coming Up With Landscaping Ideas for Dallas If you’re not that into landscaping and own a home with a yard you should at least learn a little bit about landscaping. Eventually you will have some type of landscaping done and it is best to be prepared if you can. Basic, effective landscaping ideas are not […]

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Landscape Ideas for Dallas: Garden Decor

Landscape Ideas for Dallas: Garden Decor A garden can be a place of peacefulness, or a place of entertainment. It really is all to you and the type of garden décor that you choose. The point of garden décor is to bring your garden together. Garden décor is similar to home décor but with different […]

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Landscape Design Dallas

Landscape Design Dallas By Dallas Landscape Contractor Maria Bargellini This is a 3D virtual Tour and Landscape Design for a Water Feature Project. This “Before Video” has been created to give our customer a better idea of what his water feature will look like one installed.  Check back for the After pictures and Video later […]

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