Compost Classes

Compost Classes

Landscape Ideas Dallas: Compost Classes by Dallas Landscape ContractorMaria Bargellini

These are links to organizations, nurseries, and other resources to help you help you get the most out of your composting efforts.

If the links are not currently showing a listing for composting classes check back periodically as these websites offer a wide variety of classes throughout the year and update their list regularly. In addition you may request for classes to be created and held if you have enough interested members.

Worm Composting Classes Keller

City of Dallas- Green Calendar—There were composts classes recently held in Dallas and luckily for us Dallas County has been making great strides in offering classes to educating the community on composting and other organic practices.

Texas Discovery GardensClasses—I have taken the master composter class at the Texas Discovery Gardens and it was a Great Class. I got more than my money’s worth and I am grateful to the Discovery Gardens for affording me the opportunity to learn from their tremendously knowledgeable and helpful panel.

Dallas County Master Gardeners—This is a great resource that is not used often enough. Great gardening advice is just a simple FREE phone call away.

North Haven Gardens—I just love this place, they have great classes and a fantastic staff.

to view and download for free, Joeseph C. Jenkins The Humanure Handbook A guide to composting human manure. click here

The City of Denton Compost click here.

Compost and temperature

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