Sprinklers Dallas: Drip Vs. Spray

Sprinklers Dallas: Drip VS. Spray

By Maria Bargellini

Dallas Landscape and Irrigation Contractor

So you want to get a sprinkler system but you can’t decide what to have installed, drip or spray. In some cases you actually might not have a say in the matter. New state regulations call for drip zones to be used for foundations, flower beds and parkways that are less than 4-5 feet wide. These new rules have been changing and evolving over the last to years in an effort to conserve water and educate the public on proper irrigation practices. Below are the advantages and disadvantages for both systems.

Drip Cons

  • Drip systems in Dallas are more expensive per zone because of the additional cost of materials needed.
  • Maintenance  is a bit more intensive. The system has to been “flushed” 1-2 times a year
  • Because it’s sub-surface you cannot see whether the drip system is working until plants start wilting
  • When installing new plantings extra care must be taken that you do not cut the lines

Drip Pros

  • Water conservation--save time, money and water with this system
  • Even distribution of water
  • A drip system is silent-no more waking up at 3am when your neighbors sprinklers go off
  • Drip is better for your foundation watering
  • Even distribution of water
  • Plants benefit from the water going directly to the roots and not on the leaves
  • Easier install for DIYers

Spray Cons

  • These systems can be really good at wasting water due to wind, sun and disrepair
  • They can be noisy especially if there’s a  leak which will make the pipes rattle
  • Over-spraying on sidewalks and roadways can lead to icy conditions resulting in pedestrian or vehicle incident
  • Sprinkler heads are often broken by foot traffic and mower damage. Un-repaired heads can lead to 1000’s of gallons of water waste and nozzles are usually in need of unclogging and re-adjusting
  • Spray systems are buried deeper than drip systems so repairs are more labor intensive

Spray Pros

  • Less expensive than drip systems
  • Easier for a homeowner to check, adjust and repair
  • Replacement parts are easily available and inexpensive

If you are installing a new sprinkler system you do not have much choice. New regulations require the use of drip in most cases such as in watering foundations, parkways, and flower beds. If you are amending a system you are more than likely not obligated to follow the new rules, however you can benefit greatly from upgrading your system. In the near future expect to see more municipalities giving incentives for using water conserving methods. In some cases it can be in the form of rebates,  fines, credits, etc.

If you would like an estimate on a sprinkler system or a Drip system please feel free to call at 214-257-8155 or you may leave a comment bellow and someone will get to you shortly. (License LI16405)

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