Landscape Lighting Ideas Dallas: Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

Landscape Lighting Ideas Dallas: Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

BY Maria Bargellini

Dallas Landscape Lighting Contractor

Not all outdoor lighting design are created equal. Landscape lighting is not about throwing a few lights on the ground and pointing them up a wall. There’s proper technique, classic design, and many more factors. One important factor is the outdoor lighting fixture itself. Here is an example of a outdoor lighting fixture that is used by some less creative and training installers. This first picture is what is commonly seen today around town. It is a 120v “outdoor lighting fixture“–or at least that’s what they think. This type of fixtures in wrong wrong wrong. The bulbs are too big, too noticeable, and worst of all- the fixture is not approve for use in an upward position. It even says so on the fixture.[divider_flat]

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The reason it’s not supposed to be pointed upward is to not allow water to enter the fixture. Water entering the socket will rust corrode the interior socket. In most case the components will oxidize and will no longer make the necessary contact with the bulb. It also makes it more dangerous to change the bulb.

Why you shouldn’t use them

  • Exposed bulbs that get hot
  • Sockets will rust when water enters
  • Not approved for this application
  • Not an attractive outdoor lighting fixture
  • They are usually installed 24″ from the ground and if there aren’t any shrubs planted they can be very distracting and unappealing

Outdoor lighting fixtures that point upward should be encased in glass that should be properly angled toward a drain hole that will release the water. If you currently have these fixtures installed on your house you will have some maintenanceissues on your hands such as some of the following:

  • Constant changing of bulbs
  • unreliable performance
  • possible shorts
  • re-sealing fixtures to the home to prevent leaks
  • Light angles that are too wide
  • Unflattering light
  • Low angle ability
  • Too much concentrated light

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