Landscape Lighting Dallas: Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Dallas

Landscape Lighting Dallas: Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Dallas
Your home is more than likely the biggest investment that you will ever make in one lifetime – which is the reason why it pays to pay attention to the smaller details like indoor and outdoor lighting. Lighting is not particularly expensive when you compare it to purchasing new siding, a wood deck and furniture, however it can make all the difference in how your home looks and feels. It can completely change your paint color, open up a room or make it feel more comfy. Outdoor lighting as well as indoor lighting fixtures have come a long way from the old brass gold colored fixtures. They are available in highly decorative shapes ranging form the insanely modern to copies of rare antiques.

Now you can’t  talk about fixtures without talking about bulbs, which are referred to as lamps. Lumen output, foot candles, energy ratings—all the terms can make you nuts. Make sure you visit a showroom to get a better understanding of what different light bulbs look like when lit. Fluorescent lights deserve mention and they have made many improvements to the color of the light but the have a long way to go. And although they conserve energy because of the mercury inside them, discarding them is an issue. You can find more about fluorescents here. Click here for an article on the Best bulbs by popular mechanics. Are compact fluorescents better? Click here for more. There are dozens of bulbs available.

Indoor Lighting

Lighting should work around your furniture. Figure out your furniture placement first and foremost. You can make your fixture a focal point, like a chandelier or use things like low voltage recessed lighting to high light other focal points. A lot of people think recess cans should be equally spaced when in fact the spacing is irrelevant to what you are trying to accomplish. If you have visitors that compliment your light spacing you need new friends. Highlight artwork, seating areas, graze textured walls or architecturally interesting areas-as for the spacing forghetaboutit.

Outdoor Lighting

Although there are some beautiful fixtures available for the most part you should see the result of the fixture without seeing the source. Care should be taken that there aren’t any glare or hot spots. You want your lighting to showcase your yard or home not smack your guest in the face with 20-50 watts of blinding light. Install your fixtures to highlight textures, artwork, interesting plants and colors. Installing lights in the trees to highlight focal points like fountains and statues below. First figure out what you what to light, then how much of it you want or need it to be lit and then you go shopping for the fixtures. Pre-packaged lights at the box stores are OK but overall the quality and effect is just not there. Solar lights have also come a long way but the light output still hasn’t reached the level of low voltage fixtures. In addition if the light is a deep shade it will not collect enough light to function properly.

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