Watering New Sod

Watering new sod can be a little tricky because they’re so many variables that hinder your best efforts to generalize watering for both new sod and existing turf. The general rule is to water for 2-3 weeks regularly to avoid drying. This can be daily if you have an area that is in full sun

Here Are a Few Variables to Consider

Sod Quality: The sod we use is cut the night before at a local sod farm and shipped fresh to the sod broker for pick up. It is moist when installed and watered at the time of installation. Watch for lower quality sod (seconds) that can be purchase for less and is often used by to cut cost. Beware of the true good to be true price.

Shade: The more shade you have the less you have to water. We are all busy people but if you invested the money in your new sod –be vigilant those first two weeks. Be careful not to over-water as it can be as equally harmful as not watering. You want to keep your sod moist for those crucial first 2-3 weeks.

Hint: if you are sloshing around your yard–you over watered.

Sprinklers: If half your sod is in shade and the other is in sun and they share 1 zone you have a bit of a problem. Your going to have to hand water the sunnier side to compensate for the drying. Do not over water the shade side.

Lack of sprinklers: Install your grass in the fall or when it’s dormant in the winter so that the need for water is less. Nobody wants to be out there in 105 degree heat running around moving their portable sprinkler.

Sprinkler run-off: Save water by following these tips. Turn on the zone and watch for the point of run off or over saturation . It is usually somewhere around 6-10 minutes. Set your sprinklers for that time and water daily. You may water 2x in one day for half as many days (watch for dryness). This is only for new sod.

Continued watering: While you’re out there getting wet set out your tuna fish cans or purchase inexpensive water catch cans from us and use them to see how long it takes to get an inch of water. If it takes 20 minutes and you can only water for 10 minutes before run-off then apply water 2x at 10mins on the same day. Do not water during restricted hours. Check your local municipalities ordinances for approved times. Most of our grasses only need 1 inch every 5-10 days. Include rainfall in your calculations.

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Call for Entries for 18th Annual Water-Wise Landscape Tour

Entry Deadline: April 13, 2012

The annual Water-Wise Landscape Tour, to be held Saturday, June 2, 2012, is open to all landscapes within Dallas city limits and the city limits of Dallas’ wholesale customers or reciprocal cities. These cities include: Addison, Carrollton, Cedar Hill, Cockrell Hill, The Colony, Coppell, DeSoto, Duncanville, Farmers Branch, Flower Mound, Garland, Glenn Heights, Grand Prairie, Highland Park, Hutchins, Irving, Lancaster, Lewisville, Mesquite, Plano, Red Oak,Richardson, Seagoville and University Park. Previous award winners are invited to participate in the tour, but may not compete for prizes for five years after receiving an award. Tour judges, sponsors, City of Dallas employees or their families are not eligible for prizes. The Water-Wise Landscape Tour is co-sponsored by City of Dallas Water Conservation, City of Dallas Stormwater Management, Dallas County Master Gardener Association, Inc., Texas AgriLife Extension Service, and the Town of Addison. The tour will feature landscapes (back yard landscapes may be included at the discretion of the homeowner).

Up to five residential award winners will receive the following prizes:

  • 1 antique rose plant per winner from the Antique Rose Emporium
  • 25 gift certificate from Bruce Miller Nurseries
  • 2 General Admission passes from the Dallas Museum of Art
  • 1 40-bag of fertilizer from GreenSense Natural Fertilizers
  • $25 gift certificates from North Haven Gardens
  • $25 gift certificate from Redenta’s
  • $25 gift certificate from Rohde’s Nursery and Nature Store
  • 7 bags of any of SBS bagged products from Soil Building Systems, Inc.
  • 1 family membership from Texas Discovery Gardens
  • $25 gift certificate from Weston Gardens in Bloom, Inc.

Entries will be judged in mid-April.

Click here for more information on the Call for Entries or to fill out the entry form or call us at (214) 670-3155.



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