French Drains Dallas

Dallas Landscaper Maria Bargellini, President of Dallas Curb Appeal, helps describe when you need a French Drain How do you know when you need a French drain? There’s a difference between having a drainage problem and too much water overwhelming your landscape. In North Texas we have heavy clay soil. Once the clay soil is saturated …

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Drainage If you’re like most people, you’ve seen the unsightly puddles around the yard and never gave it too much thought. You say to yourself, “I’ll deal with later”, or “it doesn’t rain that much here”. Then the ground dries, the soil cracks and you start to notice the cracks in the wall from the …

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Landscape ideas: The Getaway That is Always There for You

The Getaway That is Always There for You Our calendars are full: chauffeuring kids here and there, cooking, cleaning, commuting in bumper-to-bumper traffic, demanding bosses and of course, familial responsibilities. So why on earth add gardening to the mix? No doubt about it, gardening is work. Yet for me, slipping on my gardening gloves releases …

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Pecan Trees

Pecan – The Iconic Tree of TX The Pecan tree is the iconic tree of the Texas landscape.  Its native range begins at the eastern state border and moves westward until reaching areas where the average yearly rainfall drops below 32 inches.  There, it traces the banks and flood plains of rivers and creeks into …

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