Drainage Solutions: Catch Basins

Drainage Solutions: Catch Basins
Catch basins are devices that are designed to collect water from the down spouts or low lying areas and redirect it away from the house all while trapping the debris in a sump section of the basin in order to prevent the pipe or tube from becoming clogged. Leaves, twigs and other debris collect on your roof and enter the down spouts with the migration of the rain water into your gutter system. These items will travel through your down spouts often getting trapped in the gutter itself or at the connection of your tube or pipe and your gutter. Catch basins have the gutter entry one side and the tube/pipe entry on the opposite side. The outlets or holes are not at the same height so that when water and debris enter at the top of the basin, the water will pool at the bottom until it reaches the height of the drainage pipe where the water will flow through and the debris will left behind to sink to the bottom. See a diagram here. Catch basins come in a variety of sizes ranging from 6- to 24 inches, and the grates available in plastic, brass, steel, or cast iron.



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