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How to know if your Trees are Dead

By Maria Bargellini Is your tree dead or not? That depends. When most trees are stressed, especially after drought conditions, they go dormant and shed some or even all of their leaves. Typically when the leaves all stay on and turn brown – it’s a bad sign. You want to see the tree shed and […]

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How to Sell Your Home Faster

Prepare Your Home for Prospective Buyers: From Wasilla Homes for Sale to Austin Homes for Sale                 By Margot McClelland   Selling a home isn’t a walk in the park, but it isn’t rocket science either. When you are selling your home, there are a number of things […]

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Sprinkler Articles

Dallas Curb Appeal operates a site specifically designed to help home owners with their sprinkler systems. It is loaded with sprinkler information on a variety of topics and gets updated regularly. You can also scroll below are some helpful links Sprinkler leaks,  Broken Heads,    How long does a sprinkler installation take?    Sprinkler leaks How to tell […]

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Landscape Ideas: Fall Annuals

Landscape Ideas: Fall Annuals By Maria Bargellini of Dallas Curb Appeal Inc. We are lucky here in Texas to have great fall weather and a nice long season. The perfect time for planting your annuals is right now. There are two common mistakes people make with planting fall annuals. Planting too Late Planting too Early Most […]

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Pecan Trees

Pecan – The Iconic Tree of TX The Pecan tree is the iconic tree of the Texas landscape.  Its native range begins at the eastern state border and moves westward until reaching areas where the average yearly rainfall drops below 32 inches.  There, it traces the banks and flood plains of rivers and creeks into […]

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Landscape Ideas: Fall Annuals for Dallas

By Maria Bargellini of Dallas Curb Appeal Inc., It’s Fall and it’s Pansy planting time. Pansies come in a large variety in sizes and color. You’re guaranteed to find one in a color and size that you’ll love. You can find them in ready mixed colors or you can create your own mixes. My favorite […]

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