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The Outdoor Lighting Expert

We now have a new website dedicated exclusively to Outdoor Lighting. The Outdoor Lighting Expert.Com is loaded with information such as:       How to pick the right fixtures for your home New LED fixtures and their benefits Landscape Lighting Design Common FAQ’ s Troubleshooting help How to choose a transformer and more.. This […]

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Landscape Lighting Ideas Dallas: Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

Landscape Lighting Ideas Dallas: Outdoor Lighting Fixtures BY Maria Bargellini Dallas Landscape Lighting Contractor Not all outdoor lighting design are created equal. Landscape lighting is not about throwing a few lights on the ground and pointing them up a wall. There’s proper technique, classic design, and many more factors. One important factor is the outdoor […]

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Outdoor Lighting Dallas

Outdoor Lighting in Dallas Lighting your front yard can make a huge difference in how your home is viewed. If you are lucky enough to live in a section of your street that does not have any street lighting you can take your house from invisible to “here I am”. Adding lighting has many benefits-here […]

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