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Sprinkler Dallas: Smart Controllers

Sprinkler Dallas: Smart Controllers By Maria Bargellini Dallas Landscape and Irrigation Contractor The Smart controllers are a fantastic invention. These controllers are also referred to as ET (Evapotranspirational) controllers. This big fancy 2 part word has been created to describe the incorporation of Evaporation (change from liquid to vapor)  and Transpiration-(plant’s water loss). The Smart Controller is …

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How to do your own water audit

How to do your own water audit By Gino Bargellini Licensed Irrigator, BackFlow Inspector, and Certified Water Auditor The landscape water audit is an effective tool for maximizing water use efficiency for both homes and commercial landscapes and lawns. Some municipalities require water audits before a certificates of occupancy can be issued on commercial properties. You …

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Landscape Lighting Ideas Dallas: Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

Landscape Lighting Ideas Dallas: Outdoor Lighting Fixtures BY Maria Bargellini Dallas Landscape Lighting Contractor Not all outdoor lighting design are created equal. Landscape lighting is not about throwing a few lights on the ground and pointing them up a wall. There’s proper technique, classic design, and many more factors. One important factor is the outdoor …

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Landscape Design Dallas

Landscape Design Dallas By Dallas Landscape Contractor Maria Bargellini This is a 3D virtual Tour and Landscape Design for a Water Feature Project. This “Before Video” has been created to give our customer a better idea of what his water feature will look like one installed.  Check back for the After pictures and Video later …

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Landscape Ideas: Bat Guano

Bat Guano Landscape Ideas Dallas: Bat Guano by Dallas Landscape ContractorMaria Bargellini Bat Guano is a fantastic type of manure to use whether you put it into your compost pile or directly into your garden. Bat Guano is the excrement (feces and urine) of bats that has been collected from their caves. Guano is useful …

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Landscape Ideas: Pest

Landscape Ideas: Pest Landscape Ideas: Armadillos I couldn’t wait to see my first Armadillo–alive that is. And then I saw the little funny looking guy. Luckily he only romped in my annuals a few times. My territorial dogs made sure he knew he was no longer welcomed. One of my clients called in complaining about …

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